CIPECH 2018: Visa Information

A n entry VISA is essential for all foreign delegates willing to attend the conference, which may be business, tourist or conference VISA. The delegates possessing any type of VISA may utilize the same for attending CIPECH-18. The delegates not having any type of valid VISA will need to apply for conference VISA which is issued by the relevant Indian Embassy/consulates. Followings may be helpful in obtaining the requisite VISA.

A letter of invitation to the conference/seminar/workshop in India. This letter will be automatically generated and sent via email immediately upon registration. If you have registered but not received an email with the invite letter, please contact:

An FAQ guideline from Ministry of Home Affairs, India regarding issue of VISA is available here.

Relevant copies of permissions from concerned Agencies of Government of India for CIPECH-18.

Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

It is advisable to apply for Visas approximately 6 weeks in advance – please check with your local consulate about the processing time, as well as any other requirements. Following links may helpful in the process of obtaining VISA.

Tourist Visa Guidelines

Incredible India: Getting Your Visa

General Details for apply the Visa