Special Session

The accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore as well as other Abstracting and Indexing (A&I) databases.

Track- 1: Emerging Trends in On-Chip Communications

On-Chip is an emerging communication paradigm for large VLSI systems implemented on a single silicon chip. This uses as a new approach to design complex System-on-a-chip (SoCs). The NoC-based systems can accommodate multiple complex (heterogeneous) SoC designs. In any on-Chip communications system, cores such as processor, memories, and customized IP blocks exchange data using a computer network protocol and physical infrastructure of on-chip networks. This special session addresses all aspects related to concepts, implementations and applications of on-chip communications as well as related EDA tools and on-Chip communication simulators. Nonetheless, its focus is on advanced issues and interdisciplinary topics like system control, design flow, application studies and the outlook on future developments in on-chip communications design.
Papers on any of the following and related topics will be considered for the special session:


•    Emerging topology and router architecture for on-Chip communications

•    Routing algorithm and micro architecture

•    Switching and Control flow techniques

•    QoS Parameters in on-Chip communications

•    Memory Architecture for NoC

•    Power and Energy issues

•    On-Chip communication simulators

•    Clockless architectures and asynchronous communication techniques

•    Reliability issues in on-Chip communications

•    Emerging technologies for on-Chip communications (Optics, Nanowires etc)

•    On-Chip communication case studies

Track- 2:  Recent Technological Developments in VLSI Design and Tool Automation

VLSI has a governing role to play in the field of technology and applications. The aggressive growth of transistors for emerging technological needs have created a void. To fill these voids of VLSI, newer and interdisciplinary methodologies/technologies are required. In past few decades, we have witnessed technological advancement towards the same path; whether it is System-on-Chip (SoC), Network-on-Chip (NoC) or application of well-established algorithms of computer science (e.g. Genetic algorithm), they have taken technology to a new level. Newer EDA tools and supporting hardware (to run them) are required for further progression of this path. On the other hand, observing the trend of scaling (Moor’s law) that can be understood that one day scaling will reach at its fundamental limitation.
The aim of this special track is to fill the aforesaid technological void by identifying the most significant, recent and novel developments in VLSI trends, Digital/Analog circuits, EDA tools, and Optimization algorithms.
Papers on any of the following and related topics will be considered for special session:


•    EDA Methodologies, Tools, Flows and automation techniques

•    Robust, Power, delay and area conscious Digital and Analog circuits/systems

•    FPGA Application, Architecture, Design and CAD

•    On-Chip communication, Design, Architecture and issues

•    Physical Design, Methodologies, Tools and Applications

•    Interdisciplinary methodologies/technologies in VLSI

•    Innovative Device Technologies, Designs, Processes and issues

•    IP Design issues, interoperability, reuse and applications

•    Emerging Trends in VLSI Design Automation

Track- 3:  Measurement, Automation and Sensing Technology


•   Measurement in industrial applications, industry 4.0

•   Industrial automation, PLC, SCADA, HMI and Distributed Control Systems

•   Safety Instrumented systems (SIS)

•   Vision Sensors, remote sensing, telemetry and its application

•    Measurement systems for Oil and Drill industry.

•   Micro and Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and Measurement

•   SMART sensors and sensor fusion

•   Data acquisition systems

•   Real time measurements

•   Measurement systems and methods for medical, biomedical and healthcare

•   Internet of things, wireless sensors networks

•   Measurements for the society and for the well-being

•   Measurements in robotics

•   Measurement for Food Safety

•   Low power measurement devices

•   Analytical and virtual instrumentation

•   Optical Instrumentation, Optical measurement system and Fiber Optic measurements

•   Non invasive measurement methods and systems