CIPECH 14 Research Papers

Paper Published on IEEE Xplore of CIPECH-14 Conference


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1. Shashank Bhardwaj, Niraj Singhal and Neeraj Gupta Adaptive Neurofuzzy System for Brain Tumor
2. Vijay Rana and Gurdev Singh Analysis of Web Mining Technology and Their Impact on Semantic Web
3. P. R. Rothe and R. V. Kshirsagar Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Recognition of Cotton Leaf Diseases
4. Anuj Prakash and Sandeep Kumar Singh Towards an Efficient Regression Model for Solar Energy Prediction
5. Aayush Rastogi, Neeraj Kumar Gupta and Praveen Kumar Tyagi Neurofuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Malaria
6. Rajneesh Sharma Fuzzy Q Learning Based UAV Autopilot
7. Nishant Bhardwaj, Nitish Aggarwal, Nishant Ahlawat and Charu Rana Controls and Intelligence Behind NISTARA-2 A Disaster Management Machine
8. Manvi Mishra and S. S. Bedi Web Based Enterprise Management for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Environment: A Review
9. Seema Rawat, Parv Gupta and Praveen Kumar Digital Life Assistant Using Automated Speech Recognition
10. Shabana Mehfuz, Usha Tiwari, Akanksha Rathore, Ankit Arora and Diksha Singh A Huffman Based Lossless Compression Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
11. Rajvir Kaur and Sonit Singh Background Modelling, Detection and Tracking of Human in Video Surveillance System
12. Smriti Chhabra and Bharat Bhushan Supervised Pixel Classification into Arteries and Veins of Retinal Images
13. S. R. Singh and Pinky Saxena Fuzzy Warehouse Inventory Model for Items with Imperfect Quality under Trade Credit Policy and Inflationary Conditions
14. Payal Mittal, Bhawna Dhruv, Praveen Kumar and Seema Rawat Analysis of Security Trends and Control Methods in Android Platform
15. Riaz A. Khan and A. H. Mir A Simulation Based Study of IP Mobility Over IPv6 Networks
16. Sachin Sharma, Kartik Bholla, Komal B. Desai, Avinash Kr. Dubey and Kshma Sharma Web Controlled Irrigation System for Farmers
17. Rajesh Ghongade, Minal Deshmukh and Devashree Joshi Arrhythmia Classification Using Morphological Features and Probabilistic Neural Networks
18. Bazila and A. H. Mir Segmentation of Lumbar Intervertebral Discs from Spine MR Images
19. Saba Mushtaq and Ajaz Hussain Mir Forgery Detection Using Statistical Features
20. Shabana Urooj, Ankesh Yadav, Monika Singh, Monika Singh, Ruchi Dohare, Shilpi Ghosh and Snigdha Sharma Computation & Analysis of Aluminum and Steel Structures by Using ABAQUS Software for Engineering Applications
21. Ajay Kumar and Suneel Wattal An Investigation of Cyber System to Bringing Secure Networking Platform Against Vulnerability of Reliable and Retrievable Cyber Information
22. Suneel Wattal and Ajay Kumar Information Systems and Business Strategy-Strategic Co- alignment: A Measurement of Business Performance (An Empirical Study)
23. Nitisha Shrivastava and Pragya Varshney Low Frequency Recursive Digital Differentiator
24. Nitisha Shrivastava and Pragya Varshney Low Frequency Recursive Digital Differentiator
25. Shweta Singh and Dipali Bansal Real Time Acquisition and Frequency Domain Analysis of Acoustic Patterns of Fluids for Applications in the Field of Homeland Security
26. Deep Shikha Shukla, Avinash Chandra Pandey and Ankur Kulhari Outlier Detection: A Survey on Techniques of WSNs Involving Event and Error Based Outliers
27. Anand Prakash Shukla and Suneeta Agarwal Training Two Dimensional Cellular Automata for Some Morphological Operations
28. Rashmi Priyadarshi, Seema Rawat and Praveen Kumar An Implementation of Opinion Mining Using Fuzzy Inference System
29. Sanjeev Kumar and Tanupreet Singh Performance Improvement of Simple LSB Watermarking Using SVD
30. Deepak Kumar and S. B. Singh Evaluating Fuzzy Reliability Using Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set
31. Vikrant Vishal, Vineet Kumar, K. P. S. Rana, Puneet Mishra and Jitendra Kumar Online PI Controller Tuning for a Nonlinear Plant Using Genetic Algorithm
32. Rohit Gupta, Sanjay Gairola and Sanjeet Diwiedi Fractional Order System Identification and Controller Design Using PSO
33. Anil Kumar Jha, Sanjay Gairola, Rohit Gupta and R. K. Saxena Compensated Average Modeling for a Buck Converter Control
34. Gautam M. Lodha and Rahul S. Gaikwad Search Based Software Testing with Genetic Using Fitness Function
35. Paril Jain Odometry and Motion Planning for Omni Drive Robots
36. Ashish Sharma, Navdeep Singh, Abhinav Hans and Kapil Kumar Review of Task Scheduling Algorithms Using Genetic Approach
37. Shikha Pranesh Gupta, Abha Mahalwar and P. Udaykumar Analysis of Different Techniques for Locating Leaks in Pipes in Water Distribution System Using WSN
38. Abhishek Kumar and T. K. Dan Load Frequency Control in Power System Using Feed-Forward Internal Model Control
39. Sudhir Ranjan, Abhishek Sharma and Puneet Chaudhary An Effective Temperature Controller System Using PID Mechanism
40. A. D. Janaj, D. R. Joshi and B. N. Akiwate Design of Controller to Damp Inter Area Oscillations
41. Arunesh Kumar Singh, Ibraheem and Amit Kumar Sharma Parameter Identification of Eddy Current Braking Sytem for Various Applications
42. Sadaf Naqvi, Ibraheem and Sana Ali Naqvi A Reduced Order Model for AGC System Using Routh Approximation Technique
43. Shiva Pujan Jaiswal and Vivek Shrivastava Allocation of UPFC in Distribution System to Minimize the Losses
44. M. Padma Lalitha, T. Janardhan and R. Madhan Mohan The Future of Fuzzy Logic Based Wind Energy Conversion System with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and the Passions of Radical Pedagogy
45. Sonali R. Nandanwar and S. B. Warkad Different Voltage Security Assessment Methodology in a Restructured Electricity Market: A Review
46. Naimul Hasan, Ibraheem and Yudhishthir Pandey Transmission Loss Allocation Using Fairness Index in Deregulated Market
47. Anwar S. Siddiqui and Tanmoy Deb A Gravitation Based Search Algorithm for Improvement of Maximum Power Transfer by Optimal Placement of UPFC
48. Zaheeruddin and Mayank Pande Disaster Management of Distribution Line Using Fixed and Switched Capacitors
49. Ankush Tandon and D. Saxena A Comparative Analysis of SPSO and BPSO for Power Loss Minimization in Distribution System Using Network Reconfiguration
50. Harleen Kaur, Puneet Kumar, Anuja Sharma and Nikhil Kamaiya Power System Restructuring & Competitive Wholesale Electricity Markets in Deregulated Environment
51. Shilpa Gupta and Narendra Kumar Supplementary Signal of SVC for Damping Torsional Oscillation
52. Shahida Khatoon, Ibraheem, Arunesh Kr. Singh and Priti Analysis and Comparison of Various Methods Available for Load Forecasting: An Overview
53. Naimul Hasan, Ibraheem and Shuaib Farooq Real Time Control Centre Lab for Research and Training for Power System Operation and Control
54. Shabana Mehfuz, Pramod Kumar and Reetu Distribution System Restoration Using Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Evaluation
55. Gurmeet Singh and Gagan Singh A Fuzzy Pre-Compensated-PI Controller for Indirect Field Oriented Controlled Induction Motor Drive
56. Vashist Bist and Bhim Singh A PFC Based Bridgeless Sheppard-Taylor Converter fed Brushless DC Motor Drive
57. Chinmay Jain and Bhim Singh An Assessment of RAD Based Control Algorithm for Single-Stage Multitasking Grid Tied SECS
58. Hemant Ahuja, Arika Singh and Arvind Sharma Large Scale Wind Energy Conversion System Using Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator
59. Manaullah, Arvind Kumar Sharma, Hemant Ahuja and Arika Singh Performance Comparison of DFIG and SCIG Based Wind Energy Conversion Systems
60. Navneet Kumar, Thanga Raj Chelliah and S. P. Srivastava Effects of Voltage Sag on Doubly Fed Induction Machine at Hyper-Synchronous Motoring Mode
61. Adnan Mohammad, Omar Ahmed, Ashique Ibni Aziz, Tahmid Ul Muntakim and Md. Shafieur Rahaman Comparisons Among Different Types of Single Phase Step Down AC to DC Converters
62. Mohd. Arif Khan Pulse Width Modulation Scheme fora Quasi Six-Phase Voltage Source Inverter
63. Swati Singla, Jyoti Srivastava and D. Blandina Miracle Obtaining Maximum Torque Operation of Single Phase Induction Motor Using Simulation Technique of MATLAB
64. Shivangi verma and Poonam Rana Wireless Communication Application in Smart Grid: An Overview
65. Mallika Gandhi and M. Ayoub Khan Performance Analysis of Metrics of Broadcasting Protocols in VANET
66. Yashika, Monika Sharma, Sachin Sharma, Kumar Goodwill and Jagannath Malik A CPW Fed Antenna Design for UWB-MIMO Communication System for High isolation
67. Trisha Mittal and Bijendra Kumar NONACK in Wireless Ad Hoc Network
68. Reema Goyal, R. B. Patel, H. S. Bhadauria and Devendra Prasad A Comprehensive Survey of MAC Protocols in Wireless Body Area Networks
69. Sachin Kumar, Jyoti Gupta and Pushkar Praveen Design and Implementation of Tree Decoder for SDR Applications
70. H. Srikanth Kamath and Sneha Das Self Learning Robot Using AtMega
71. Shelly Garg, Geetika Chaudhary, Vandana Niranjan and Ashwani Kumar Bandwidth Extension of Voltage Follower Using DTMOS Transistor
72. Ketan J. Raut, R. V. Kshirsagar and A. C. Bhagali A 180 nm Low Power CMOS Operational Amplifier
73. Sakshi Saxena and Shyam Akashe High Performance CMOS Current Comparator Using MTCMOS Technique Design
74. Jyotika and Balwinder Singh Memory Yield and Repair Rate Improvement Scheme Using Built in Self Repair Techniques
75. Rashmi Sharma and Shyam Akashe Analysis of Low Power Reduction in Voltage Level Shifter
76. Abhilasha Rani Goel, Akhil Ranjan and Mohd Wajid VLSI Architecture and Implementation of Statistical Multiplexer
77. Ankit Singh Kushwah and Shyam Akashe Design of Non-Volatile 4T-2Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Random Access Memory Cell
78. Abhishek Trivedi and Shyam Akashe Design and Performanceanalysis of a Memristor-Based Wein Oscillator
79. Atibhi Jadon and Shyam Akashe Hybrid CMOS-Memristor 4T-NVSRAM Cell for Low Power Applications
80. Neha Borkar and Shyam Akashe Diminution of Power in a Non-Volatile SG DG FinFET Based 6T SRAM Cell
81. Firoz Ahmed Siddiqui and Puran Gour Scan-Chain-Based Multiple Error Recovery in TMR Systems (SMERTMR)
82. C. P. Jain Structural and Electrical Properties of Modified CMOS Device Under Radiation Environment in Designing of Voltage Control Oscillator (VCO)
83. Preeti Kushwah and Shyam Akashe Standby and Active Leakage Current Control Mechanism of Half Adder Cell
84. Ashok Kumar Rajput, D. V. Avasthi and Durgesh Kumar Variation of Estimated Insolation from East to West in Uttar Pradesh, India
85. Manaullah and M. Shariz Ansari Solar Photo Voltaic Power Generation in Union Territory of Lakshadweep Island: Projected Level Dissemination Using Technology Diffusion Models
86. Kusum Tharani and Ratna Dahiya PV Module Integration with STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation
87. A. K. Jairath, Saket Kumar and Gaurav Yadav Utilizing Solar Energy for Room Airconditioning System
88. Sheetal Shinkhede and S. K. Joshi Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Management
89. Sumanth Yamujala, Mehtab Fatima, Indrakanti Abhinay Sri Teja and Yalavarthi Lahari Present Scenario of Distributed Generation in India - Technologies, Cost Analysis
90. Meena Agrawal and Arvind Mittal Parameter Logging & Remote Monitoring for Microgrid Demonstration Project
91. Rupendra Kumar Pachauri and Yogesh K. Chauhan Hydrogen Generation/Pressure Enhancement Using FC and ANN Based MPPT Assisted PV System
92. Shikhar Agarwal and Saumya Gautam Analysis and Optimization of Lever Propelled Wheelchair
93. Balaram Saha, Vivek Patel and Kalyan Chaterjee Assessment of Process Parameter to Improving power Plant Performance
94. Pratiksha Gupta and Surendra Kumar Tripathi Analysis of Grid-Tied Hybrid Wind PV Generation System
95. Shahida Khatoon, Ibraheem and Mohd Faisal Jalil Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Array Under Partial Shading Conditions for Different Array Configrations
96. Ab Rouf Khan, Mir Saleem and Shoaib Amin Banday Improving the Performance of Hierarchical Scheduling for Rendering
97. Ekata, Praveen Kumar Tyagi and Harshit Singhal Neurofuzzy Inference System for Diagnosis of Leukemia
98. A. Q. Ansari, Ibraheem and Sapna Katiyar Application of Ant Colony Algorithm for Calculation and Analysis of Performance Indices for Adaptive Control System
99. Neelam Rawat, Aayush Rastogi, Kopal Jaiswal and Abhishek Nigam Analysis of Relationship Between Extracurricular Activities and Academic Performance by Computational Intelligence
100. Prashant Vats, Manju Mandot and Anjana Gosain A Comparative Analysis of Ant Colony Optimization for Its Applications into Software Testing
101. Kapil Kumar, Abhinav Hans, Ashish Sharma and Navdeep Singh Towards The Various Cloud Computing Scheduling Concerns: A Review
102. Navdeep Singh, Abhinav Hans, Ashish Sharma and Kapil Kumar Unfolding Various Security Brawls and Concerns of Cloud Computing
103. Palvi Gupta, Basant Verma, Anamika Mitra and Md. Ansari Allograph Discovery on Machine Printed Text
104. Manpreet and Jyoteesh Malhotra A Survey on MANET Simulation Tools
105. Rishabh Gulati and Prashant Vats A Literature Review of Bee Colony Optimization Algorithms
106. Pratiksha Saxena and Neha Khanna Formulation and Computation of Cattle Feed Mix by using TORA and LINGO: Minimization of Adverse Effect of Nutrient Ingredien
107. Ekata Gupta, Neelam Sharma and C. M. Batra Neural Network Approach for Analytical Study of the Reliability of Refrigeration System
108. Manmohan Lakhera Enhancing Security of Stored Biometric Data
109. Anand Prakash Shukla and Suneeta Agarwal Training Cellular Automata for Salt and Pepper Noise Filtering
110. Kuldeep Yadav and Harshavardhan Singh Application of Iterative Fast Fourier Transform for Fault Finding in Linear Array Antenna with various Fault Percentage
111. Sonveer Singh, Sanjay Agrawal and D. V. Avasthi Optimization of Design Parameters of Glazed Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Module Using Genetic Algorithm